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How long does permanent makeup last?



A properly performed pigmentation is said to last an average of 1-3 years. This depends on several factors: skin condition, habits,aftercare of the pigmentation by the çustomer, medication intake, permanent or chronicç diseases, sun exposure and skin type.

Arefresher or checking of the pigmentation is recommendable after 1 - 1.5 years.

Does the treatment need to be repeated or corrected?

Correction is not always necessary but is recommended for the following reasons:
The result lasts longer Small gaps or weak spots can be corrected
Depending on the skin condition and aftercare of the pigmentation by the customer, the pigmentation may lose color and intensity.
Correction may be advisable to counteract this effect.
Depending on the sensitivity, healing, and condition of the skin, correction of the pigmentation is not recommended until 4 weeks after treatment (natural skin renewal process is 28 to 35 days).

The most outstanding Lip Stick Effect can be achieved with full shading pigmentation.These lips provide a breathtaking look. Full Shading Lips is the best technique for color-intensive and full lips with strong character.

A Woman Laughing
Image by Mihai Stefan

Of course, the lips could also be shaded in delicate nude tones. A natural or intensive result can be achieved depending on the prerequisite for the natural pigmentation of the lips, the color selection and the intensity of the shading.

Full Shading Lips need 4 shading steps to achieve the absolute glamor effect. The outline is precisely defined with an invisible transition to shading. The duration of the treatment is 1 - 1.5 hours.

Full shading pigmentation is best suited for corrections and neutralizing disharmonies and asymmetries, as well as concealing small scars and color irregularities.
scars and color irregularities.
Not every eye is suitable for a decorative eyeliner. This technique makes the eye look bigger and can have a positive influence on your look. It can be pigmented on the upper and lower eyelids.
A decorative eyeliner is most suitable if you do not want to spend a lot of time on makeup, but still want to leave the house well-styled. Characteristic for this decorative eyeliner is its shape, because it decorates and adorns the eye l eyes.
The treatment duration for decorative eyeliner depends on its intensity and is between 40 to 90 minutes.



Day 1: Cleaning the lips hourly (with slightly damp cotton pads)

Day 2-3: Cleaning the lips every 2-3 hours (with slightly damp cotton pads)

In the first 5-7 nights: Apply a thin layer of Vaseline during the night.

In the morning, clean the lips with medicinal soap and lukewarm water.

Cherry Pink Lips
eyeliner makeup

Baby Eyeliner:

During the first two days, the liners should be cleaned with lightly dampened cotton pads every two to three hours and without excessive pressure. A care cream is not necessary.

Decorative Eyeliner:

During the first two days, the liners should be cleaned with lightly dampened cotton pads every two to three hours and without excessive pressure. If an extreme sensation of
tension is experienced, a thin film of Vaseline can be applied during the night.


Preparation and aftercare

- What should be considered before treatment?

- Optimal aftercare by the customer
- Prophylaxis
- Herpes prophylaxis

Before treatment
- At least 24 to 36 hours before the treatment, alcoholic beverages, beverages with taurine and excessive caffeine must be avoided.
- Solarium or sun baths are to be avoided 7 days before the treatment
- Preventive plant-based decongestants (e.g., Arnica D 30 globules or traumeel pills) can be used as a preventive measure. It is recommended to consult the pharmacy.
- Dry lips should be treated well a few days before the pigmentation (e.g. with lip peeling and a thin layer of Vaseline)

Blonde with Red Lips
After treatment
Bold Lips

For a perfect result, after-care by the customer is important, since this has an influence on about 70% of the result.
Therefore, inform your customers in the consultation sessions before and after the treatment in detail about the necessary aftercare actions to be taken and in the healing phase. It is essential to avoid direct contact with germ sources. Please also point out to your customers the effects of incorrect care.

Up to 7 days after treatment, the following should be avoided:
- Swimming
- Sports
- Sauna
- Solarium and sunbathing
- Use of decorative or nurturing cosmetics at the pigmented areas (such as cleansing milk,tonic, day / night cream, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick)
- Constant contact with the pigmentation
(such as by frequent touching or by contact with pet animals)

Healing Story Lips

I have followed my artist's care instructions exactly.
For the aftercare of the lips lused the dry healing method.
I cleaned my lips regularly every 1-2 hours during the first three days with slightly dampened cotton pads and gentle pressure.

On days 1 & 2 after lip pigmentation, the color result appeared darker and more intense. The feeling of tension is hardly noticeable.
On day 3, my lips began to peel slightly and the dry areas of skin began to peel easily.

Day 5I washed my lips very gently in the morning (with lukewarm water and medical soap).

The dry areas of the skin have completely dissolved without any problems.
The colour changed daily during the first 10 days after pigmentation and became more natural and gentle.

The healing phase was absolutely painless and therefore unproblematic.
I was very careful with the treatment of fresh pigmentation.
After seven days the lip was completely healed and I hardly lost any colour.
The result is very beautiful and natural.
At the inspection date, which was agreed after four weeks, only individual jobs are refreshed and refined.


Permanent Lip Makeup
Lips makeup

Day 1
The colour appears more intense today than on the day of the treatment itself.
It is hardly noticeable that the lip has been freshly pigmented.

Day 2
The colour is still very intense. A light but absolutely bearable feeling of tension has set in.

Day 3
The lip now begins to peel easily. By regularly cleaning the lip, the feeling of tension is very low and absolutely bearable.

Day 4
The lip is now peeling more, but | still have no unpleasant feeling

Day 5
Today I washed my lips gently in the morning,I used lukewarm water and medical soap.
After washing,I gently patted my lips dry.
The dry skin was gently loosened and the feeling of dryness was completely reduced.

Day 6
The color is now lighter. The feeling of dryness has completely subsided.

Day 7
The color result is now about 50% brighter, just asI wished and expected it to be.

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