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Anni Vu

PhiContour Royal Artist


316 - 400 - 20060



Beursstraat 39, 1012 JV Amsterdam 064002006

About Me

  • 10 years experience with Nail started 2011 in Utrecht 

  • 6 years experience Lash Extensions started 2016 in Utrecht 

  • 5 years experience of Eyebrows Permanent Make Up - Microblading - Shading & Hairstroke started 2018 in Japan

          Anni has her roots in a small town in Vietnam where she was raised by an artistic family. Twelve years ago she moved to the Netherlands. After a short time adjusting to the culture, one day she walked into a beauty salon to ask for employment. Starting at the bottom, through the years she has worked herself up to Royal Artist of Phi Academy of Phi Contour, and to Brow Artist of Boldbrows. She has obtained certificates of academies in Germany, Norway, Russia, and the United States. She now owns her own beauty salon and a business in beauty products.

​Anni's motto is "With love for your work success will unfold". Her passion is to help her clients become even more beautiful through one of her treatments in beauty care of nails, lashes, and/or permanent make up.

Work Experience

In 2011

 In 2016

In 2018

Anni started as a manicurist/ pedicurist in a salon in Utrecht. In the evening hours she taught herself nail art (i.e., drawing little paintings on nails), which gave her much satisfaction. Soon opened her own business (AnniNails).

She started learning about Eyelash Extensions at a famous academy in Oslo, Norway. She regularly joins international competitions and conferences to continue to improve her knowledge and techniques. 

She moved to Japan, where she studied techniques in Permanent Make-Up (PMU). She worked in Japan for 2 years, expanding her portfolio to include nails and nail art, eyelash extensions, and PMU (lips and eyebrows).

Early 2020

She moved back to the Netherlands, to Amsterdam, where she opened a beauty salon and training academy. 

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