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What is Microblading?

Microblading represents the latest development in semi-permanent makeup (PMU) for eyebrows. With Microblading, you can obtain perfect, natural-looking eyebrows. Using18 microneedles, fine hairs are drawn into the skin in the direction of hair growth, to ensure a perfect shape of the eyebrow.

The treatment is milder compared with regular PMU (pigmenting with a machine) and gives for a much more natural look.

Microblading is one of the most in-demand treatments in the beauty industry today. It is a new technique in the world of semi-permanent make-up, employing a unique method, in which 3D hairs or hairstrokes are drawn that appear so real, that they are essentially indistinguishable from real hairs.

What is Ombré Power Brows?

Ombré powder brows is the latest trend in permanent make up for eyebrows. With Ombré powder brows, the base of the eyebrows is shaded lighter, with darker towards the tips, giving it a nice overflow but also a very soft and natural look.